Celebrate the Earth

Four Quarters embodies the cycle of life, the journey that each ingredient makes on its way to your glass. A seed, carefully planted and nurtured, growing with the energy of the sun, Earth, wind, and rain. The fruits harvested, later release their seeds, and the cycle of life starts again. When Four Quarters creates new beers, it’s celebrating the Earth and everything that grows within. Our logo shows the moon phases, which encapsulates this cycle, present in every living thing. The hope is that by thoughtfully crafting each and every beer with this cycle in mind, as well as the purpose of every ingredient used, the brewery can pass to its drinkers not just a glass of delicious brew, but its passion, its love, and its thankfulness for all things in the natural world.




FRIDAYS: 5-9pm
SUNDAYS: 12-3pm
On Tap


150 West Canal St
Winooski, VT 05404
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