We’re thrilled that Paste ranked our Space Face as one of their 324 Best IPAs!

Paste MagazineOf all the breweries in this tasting, perhaps none of them raised their stock as much in our estimation as Four Quarters, for reasons that will become apparent as you scroll down this list. These small brewers from “Winooski, VT” have had entries in a few other Paste blind tastings, including an impressive placement in the time we tasted 144 barrel-aged imperial stouts, but their entries in IPA were on a different level, easily surpassing beers from much more heralded VT breweries. Space Face is interesting in several respects—it’s the highest ABV of all the IPAs to approach our 8% cut-off level, and perhaps it’s this beer’s girth that gives it such a luxurious texture. Regardless, this stuff really stands out for its creamy, smooth texture on the palate, which transitions effortlessly into assertive orange citrus, pineapple and mango. There’s some grassy/green notes here as well, but all in all, it’s still very much a fruit bomb. This strikes us as the kind of beer that would probably be rated among the highest in the world, if it came from a brewery with a lot of hype for hazy IPAs.”