Opus Dei, Opus Humulus, and Opus Ferum will be the foundation of our Belgian beers… each deriving from a traditional Patersbier, a Trappist variety that translates as “father’s beer” that is a low alcohol version of their stronger beers (such as a Tripel), meant to be consumed by the monks themselves.  It’s very flavorful,

Opus Dei – “the work of God”, a nod to the tradition where this style comes from.  Light, refreshing, fruity, spicy, easy to drink “God is good” goodness.

Opus Humulus – “the work of hops”, this is our hoppy Patersbier, still retaining the low alcohol base of Opus Dei, but showcasing the flavor and aromatic qualities of Pacific Northwest and Australian varietal hops, yet retaining the fruit and spice characteristics of Opus Dei.

Opus Ferum – “the work of wild” is our Patersbier fermented with Brettanomyces bruxellenis, a traditionally “wild” yeast that is today been somewhat domesticated.

In planning…

Opus Ignis – “the work of fire” a lightly smoked version of Opus Dei

Opus Noctem – “the work of night” a dark version of our Patersbier

Magnum Opus – “great work” what we’re shooting for.

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