Seven Days VermontLast week, Winooski’s Four Quarters Brewing looked like the workspace of a mad scientist. Towers of colorful buckets cluttered the floor while lab-style glassware and gleaming metal gear lined the walls. Brewer Brian Eckert stood near the kettle, surrounded by five members of the Sneakers Bistro staff, who were on hand to concoct a special cask brew that they’ll tap at the bistro this Saturday, March 14.

On a table next to Eckert, yeast, coffee beans and maple syrup stood premeasured in beakers and flasks. After a brief brewing and beer biochemistry lesson from the brewer, the group poured these ingredients into the five-gallon cask. The beer is one of five that Eckert recently created with local businesses, including Mule Bar, Misery Loves Co., Waterworks Food + Drink and the Monkey House. The custom sips will be on draft at each location this weekend to celebrate the brewery’s first anniversary…