American Pale Ale brewed with five grains (barley, oats, wheat, maize, and rice) and five hops (Azacca, Ekuanot, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Nugget).

Can art by Brian Eckert.

Four Quarters Brewing BeersBeertender Justin Says…

Oh bro you haven’t tried it?
Dude it’s so good, it’s got that classic grapefruit, for sure bruf.
But dude, it’s also got lilac — yeah, like the flower dude–
uhh, unripe mango,
Oh and almond, some pine bitterness, and it’s pretty dry, my man. It’s super fuckin crushable. Really easy finish bro, dangerous, but not too dangerous; don’t worry bro, my dad’s a lawyer”


American Pale Ale


Azacca, Ekuanot, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Nugget