This Double IPA featuring Comet hops packs a punch of flavors, including lemongrass, Trix cereal, and berry. Might sound strange, but this beer tastes like purple. Just trust us on that one.

Can art by Brian Eckert.

Four Quarters Brewing BeersBeertender Justin Says…

I would have told you that this s**t is straight Trix cereal. Lemongrass and blueberry, the whole shabang. But the other weekend I was catching a show and my friend passed me her pen. Yeah, sure, I took a couple hits off of it. I was having a great time, until I wasn’t. “Hey,” I had trouble saying, “what strain is this?” “It’s called Sour Diesel. It’s pretty intense!” A moment later, I noticed the features of the asphalt pressing into my feet. My legs were becoming heavy and everybody around me knew it. Balance was becoming a game. Everything tasted purple. As the world began spinning, I succumbed to anxiety and collapsed. Stoned and terrified, I vaguely recall saying to myself, this really tastes like Double Comet.


Double IPA