After a few months of waiting for permits, licenses, and loans… the fit up is in full swing.  WE had the floors cut, trench drain installed, lots of plumbing updates, some modifications on the bathroom, and the brewhouse modifications are underway as well.

First step – cut the floors.  We needed to do this before anything, and in order to know where to cut, we had to figure out all of the plumbing changes.  It took a long while before everything was about 80% of the way then I pulled the trigger to just start.  I ended up having to have them come back to take out another little notch for a floor sink, but this giant first step is done.

Second step – plumbing.  We needed to plumb the trench drain, and it turned into a rather large undertaking.  The sewage main needed redone, a vent needed installed… the landlord did not want it going through the roof because of some new insulation and new roofing… and we couldn’t vent it out the side because there’s a window there… so we had to wrap that fucker the whole way around the back to the bathroom vent.  Sucks, and I’m still waiting on how much it ended up costing me, but not much I can do about it.  Kind of like getting a root canal at the dentist.

Third step – Bathroom.  I can’t tell you how psyched I am about getting that bathroom door moved.  I even lucked out at Lowes.  I went in asking for a commercial grade door and the guy said “boy do I have a deal for you.”  Turns out a church had ordered 100 of these doors and couldn’t use any of them, so originally $130 got knocked down to $50.  Perfect.  Every little bit helps.  And the door fits perfectly as well.  The old door was removed and sheet rocked, and the new door is destined for an artist’s touch, giving a nod to one of my favorite breweries in the world – Cantillon.

Next steps – brewhouse and fermenter fit ups, cold room and bar build.