Christollen (Christo-len) is our take on a delicious German Christmas bread that uses rum-candied currants, raisins, and citrus zest baked into a cake-like loaf that often included almonds, cinnamon, and topped with powdered sugar.

We took our Belgian Patersbier, Opus Dei, aged in Mad River Maple Rum Barrels, then conditioned it on black and red currants, golden raisins, and orange/lemon zests, and finally conditioned in 500mL bottles.

This beer is meant to be drank fresh! It’s a better-late-than-never holiday beer… we will release a new batch December 2016, don’t save this one until then!

Saturday we will release our Christollen bottles at noon.
100 bottles… 500 mL, $15, 2 bottle limit.

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