2nd Anniversary

Sorry for the delay providing details about our anniversary coming up this Saturday, March 19th.  We've had a long list of mechanical problems that have delayed everything, and have prevented us from confirming many of the details.  Below is our tentative schedule, we will make sure we post the final confirmed scheduled by Friday night. The…Read more 2nd Anniversary

The light at the end of the tunnel…

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=625245807510667 In lue of a lengthy absence of updates, take a quick video tour of the Four Quarters Brewery. We're still under construction a bit, so pardon the dust, messiness, and spontaneous nature of the video.  If you'd rather read about the nitty gritty... read on. Between working, having two young ones at home, and…Read more The light at the end of the tunnel…

More Red Wine Barrels

Trekked down to Lincoln Peak Vineyards tonight to pick up a few of their Marquette Red Wine barrels.  They smell divine.  We'll be aging some of our farmhouse ales in these, as well as Sugar Plum Fairy - our Belgian Strong Dark Ale.  Cheers and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Huge step taken today. Yesterday we received notification that our Federal Brewer's permit was approved. Today, both of our state licenses were approved. We are now able, legally, to make beer. Before we start, we will need the state and municipal certificates of occupancy. Then we're in business. Stay tuned... we are very very close!