Sour Cherry Season

Sour cherry season has started in Vermont.  We'll be hand-picking as much as 300 lbs of fresh, local, organic sour cherries from a number of orchards.  These will be frozen and vacuum-sealed for use in a few batches over the next 12 months.  These batches include our Whiskey Sour, Cerise, and Sour Brown.   Every…Read more Sour Cherry Season

Fleur de Lis

Fleur de Lis is a tart sessionable saison we brew with barley, oats, hops, and our house saison yeast.  It is sour mashed for a day, acidifying the wort, producing lactic acid, then fermented in red wine barrels for 4 weeks.  At a mere 3.5% ABV, this beer is a nice palette-cleansing drink to quench…Read more Fleur de Lis