Our current line-up as of 9/27/17 –

Bevie Bomb – Inspired by an Irish Car Bomb, and named after Winooski’s Beverage Warehouse, Bevie Bomb is an imperial milk stout aged in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels and conditioned on almonds, cocoa nibs, and coffee beans. 9.0%
Great Bear – Lightly smoked, chocolate, oatmeal brown ale 6%
Morning Star – Imperial breakfast stout – contains coffee and lactose 9%
Mosaic Mule – Saison brewed with fresh ginger and lime zest/juice, dry-hopped with Mosaic hops 4.7%
Gin Barrel-aged Moscow Mule – Saison brewed with fresh ginger and lime zest, then aged in Caledonia Spirits’ TomCat gin barrels. 4.7%
Phaze – American IPA 6.5%
Pickleback – Our flagship sour ale Fleur de Lis, fermented in wine barrels, transferred to Heaven Hill bourbon barrels, and finally conditioned on honeydew, cucumbers, and fresh dill. 4.5%
RUMbrellas – “Little Umbrellas” a sour ale with toasted coconut and pineapple, aged in St. Croix rum barrels. 3.5%
S’mores Stout – Imperial milk stout conditioned on an obscene amount of marshmallows, milk chocolate, and graham crackers. 9%
Sumac Sour – Belgian table beer conditioned on locally foraged Staghorn Sumac. 4%
Tequila Sunrise – Inspired by the popular cocktail, Tequila Sunrise is our flagship sour ale Fleur de Lis, fermented in wine barrels, transferred to tequila barrels, and conditioned on orange zest and juice, pomegranates, sour cherries, and almonds. 4.5%





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  1. Hello,
    My name is Sandy Schwartz. My husband Marc and I have been beer label collectors for over 30 years, and have an award winning collection of over 1700 unique labels. We are making a trip to Vermont next month to visit breweries and would love to add your labels to our collection, if you bottle and label, that is. I realize you do not give tours, but would it be possible to stop by your office and pick up some of your labels?
    Thanks in advance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Sandy! I have 2 labels, and I do give tours! We don’t have official tour schedules because the brewery is right there for you to check out. Thanks for your interest!

      • Hi Brian, I never saw your reply, I am sorry for that. I did come by your brewery but unfortunately it was not open. If I sent a SASE, would you be able to send me the labels? I would love to have them for our collection. Sorry we missed you, but we will be back, as we found Vermont to be quite beautiful! Thanks! Sandy

  2. Hi!

    I was in this weekend with a friend and had a phenomenal time. Haven’t been able to stop thinking about the beer and what a welcome balance it was from all the hop heavy VT beer. I think we may have bought your first bottles of Opus Dei on Sunday. I just moved to Ferrisburgh a while back and now have a lot more land than I expected. I’m planning on growing some hops and other things in the garden this spring. I wanted to see if you had any ideas around collaboration that I could work on with you. I’d be more than happy to set aside some garden/farm space for you! Sorry this isn’t necessarily a big formal e-mail, I’m just a local guy who really digs your beer!



    • Hi Matt, thanks for the positive thoughts! The farm space sounds interesting… I’ll shoot you an email!

      Thanks again,

  3. I recently toured your facility, tasted your beer and was impressed. I have done this at breweries across the state and have a broad understanding of the difference niches that beers and brewers fall into. With that being said I can be an asset to your company in strengthening your brand name, expanding your market reach, and overall product promotion. I am a hard worker and recent graduate of Castleton with a dual major in Marketing and Political Science. Please contact me and I will be happy to pass along my resume, cover letter, and references. Until then, thank you for the consideration.

  4. Just stopped by for a tasting, and holy crap is your beer amazing. I am looking forward to getting many growler and crowler fills from Four Quarters. Your “Herbie” Watermelon Wheat is one of the, if not the, best fruit beers I’ve ever had.

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  6. Brian,
    I have always intended on writing reviews on yelp but never got around to it, until today. Coming to Four Quarters Brewing and tasting your beer today was truly amazing. You are very passionate and creative with your flavor combinations, and it all worked. I thought it a disservice to just drink, enjoy, then go back to California without saying something. Your beers are exceptional. There are a number of really good breweries out there, but you push the envelope to create something unique and rich. So I thank you for an enjoyable afternoon of fine beer and good stories. It took a great experience to start my Yelp page, so thanks, and best of luck to you!

  7. Hey guys. Is there any chance you will be reprising your tomato basil Fleur de Lis? It was sensational. We will be up during the last week of August. Hint. Hint.

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