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TASTING ROOM HOURS! (as of 9/15/17)


We are hoping to add days and hours to our taproom, we can usually accommodate anyone looking for beer to go in either growlers or battles/cans. We’d appreciate a heads up since we aren’t always on site.

We’d love for you to come check out the brewery and have some samples in our tasting room. PLEASE stick to these open hours for tastings… we love to talk with visitors, but interrupting our work hours really makes a late night even later.  During off hours, message us to come by by appt.

We are in the process of securing the necessary permits to have food options available for you, but in the meantime you are welcome to bring your own food and hang out for the day.

In addition to our beers we have brewery related merchandise, VT maple syrup, artisan cheeses, as well as honey from our our own bees, and eggs from our own chickens!


150 West Canal
Suite 1
Winooski VT 05404

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11 thoughts on “Tasting Room

  1. Hi Folks,
    I am the rep for Ale Street News in VT. My next deadline is Jan 11th for Feb/March news. Would love to give you a blurb in my column. Pls let me know the beers you will have on by then. Besides Janus, are there other collaborations with Honora upcoming? Whatever you’d like to see in the column, drop me a line.
    All the best to you in this great endeavor. We go to Threepenny Taproom, Prohibition Pig and Blackback quite often, so we hope to see you folks on tap at these great beer bars.

  2. Brian…great meeting you this weekend, and thanks for the amazing beer. Let’s set up an event at the Worthy Burger as soon as you recover from Brewer’s Fest. Maybe some time in August. Let me know what works for you – we’re very flexible.

  3. Hey guys!

    I’m a local Winooski resident and huge fan of your business. My good friend Paul Reynolds (whom you may know) broke his ankle a while back and has been on the mend but a little bummed. His birthday is tomorrow and I was wondering if you have any blank crowlers to fill? I’d like to get a couple (even one) for him that I can apply a custom graphic to on a clear label.

    Just a funny poke at him. He’s a fellow professional photographer hence the Fuji. Depending on the brew I can update the label.

    I could easily swing by after 5 when you guys are open. Just let me know.

    Thank you so much for the time!



    802 578 9192

  4. Guys,

    My wife and I were up here from Atlanta and hopped breweries for a couple days. We hit around 5 and i have to say, the beer we had at your place was the best. Your brewery was a last minute addition to the tour, and man are we glad we did. Great work!

  5. I was wondering if in similar fashion to other breweries in Vermont, you fill growlers from other breweries? I really enjoy your beer and would
    Like to be able to take some home with me this weekend.

    Thank you for your help


  6. Hello! What are your winter tasting room hours? Website only has summer hours. We have a friend’s birthday on 12/15. We are doing lunch at Waterworks and wanted to do a tasting at your place if possible later in the afternoon.

  7. Hi Brian, this is Brian Stone (friend of Ryan Smith), I’m starting a brewery tour company and was hoping to include you in it. Could you send me an email so I can get you some info then I’ll catch up to you soon in person. Thanks!

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