The brewer meets the baker

I had the pleasure and honor of finally meeting Gérard Rubaud today thanks to my friend Marcus, something that I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Gérard is a 78 year old French baker who owns and operates Gérard’s Breads of Tradition in Westford, Vermont, and is the definition of an artisan baker. He apprenticed as a baker when he was 13, and was also passionate for skiing and mountaineering which is what led him to Vermont 30+ years ago. At age 47 he decided to go back to his original love and start a bakery in Vermont. He makes an amazing sourdough bread that is available around the area, but usually sells out as soon as its delivered. Earlier this year we used some of his bread in a batch of beer, which was soured with his bread then aged in french oak barrels. Even with the ABV at just over 3%, it has an amazing amount of flavor and aromatics that come through.

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