Vermont Brewers Festival

Thanks for joining us at this year’s Vermont Brewer’s Festival.  It was a great time, we really enjoyed pouring our beers for everyone and listening to your feedback.  We also really enjoyed tasting everyone else’s beers!

We poured Sundog, Fleur de Lis,  Opus Humulus, Janus, Maison, and had three casks: Opus Ferum (wild fermented Patersbier), Fleur de Lis on blueberries, lemon zest, lavender, and honey; and our whiskey sour on sour cherries.  Let us know what you thought!


Whiskey Sour Update

We debuted our Whiskey Sour at the Vermont Brewer’s Festival this past weekend.  We offered a cask pour of the whiskey sour on sour cherries at the Saturday night session.  We will be dosing the rest of the barrel with sour cherries this coming week, and hope to start bottling within the next 4-6 weeks.  Look for a bottle release around mid-September.


Fleur de Lis bottle release

Fleur de Lis bottle release is scheduled for Sunday July 20th, 11AM-3PM at the brewery.  We will have Skinny Pancake on hand making some deliciousness that will be paired with our cask conditioned Fleur de Lis on strawberries and rhubarb with a touch of basil.  We will have 250 750mL bottles that are corked and caged.  These were bottled on June 17th, and conditioned over the last month.  They should have a decent shelf life, we’ll be testing that out with this first batch.  Cheers!

Sour Cherry Season

Sour cherry season has started in Vermont.  We’ll be hand-picking as much as 300 lbs of fresh, local, organic sour cherries from a number of orchards.  These will be frozen and vacuum-sealed for use in a few batches over the next 12 months.  These batches include our Whiskey Sour, Cerise, and Sour Brown.   Every sip triggers a trip back to summer days.