Homebrew Rally Competitions

Based on discussions with several people that participated in the homebrew rally, we have decided to have three rounds of the competition.  The first round will be August 1st, the unofficial beginning of fall, and the time period when saisonnières were out harvesting grains in the fields.  Please drop off your entries – two 12 oz bottles – anytime before we close on Sunday July 27th.

We will post entry labels on this page in the next week or two, and we will announce the 2nd and 3rd rounds soon as well.  Second round will be later this fall, most likely early November.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’re really looking forward to trying them all out!



We are releasing a small number of bottles of Sundog, 100 now, and 100+ on July 11th.  Some people were asking what Sundog means.  A sundog, officially called a parhelion, is an atmospheric phenomenon when a pair of bright spots appear on either side on the sun.  Sun dogs are a member of a large family of halos, created by light interacting with ice crystals in the atmosphere. Sun dogs typically appear as two subtly-colored patches of light to the left and right of the sun, approximately 22° distant and at the same elevation above the horizon as the sun.  You can see them throughout the year, but we really wanted to offer a special release for the Summer Solstice, and this fit the bill.