The New Whiskey Sour

This weekend we filled our first set of barrels for some barrel-aged beers. This one – a whiskey barrel-aged sour. We brewed the base beer two weeks ago, using a blend of wheat and barley, hops and lots of orange peel, zest, and juice. We pitched a healthy dose of bacteria, and now we wait. See you in a few months!

Jigs, reels, and other things of green

Tuesday night we brewed Odin, our Irish Red ale, and we had some friends there to help. ¬†Green Corduroy is a Burlington-based Irish-American folk music band, and they threw down some fantastic tunes while we brewed. ¬†Here’s a quick video of the night…

This is how we brew an Irish Red…

Posted by Four Quarters Brewing on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

We hope to have them back when we release Odin, tentative release date is Friday March 14th.