2 Many Records!

This Saturday and Sunday our friend Jake Martin will be at the brewery from 12-4PM holding a killer record sale. Here’s what Jake has planned:

“Haven’t had any record sales this summer so my stock has been going up like a skyscraper! I’m going to be bringing it all out for Saturday – 9 totes of 120 records each – 5 of $3 records, 4 of $5 records. A couple crates of beat $1 records, and a couple crates of $8-$15 records.

For Sunday, I’ll be taking about half of the records back with me – but the 500+ still there will be half off! $1.50, $2.50 each! Maybe even some of the pricier ones now $4, $5 each! $1 records will be FREE.

Better deals on Sunday if you buy a bunch – 12-4pm both days! At Four Quarters Brewing, 150 West Canal St. I’ll be doing some amateur DJing, either a selection of funky stuff from my personal stache or, raiding the for-sale bins.

Majority of what I have is 60’s thru 80’s, Rock, some Jazz (more 70’s+), some Folk. A tote that’s mostly prog rock and obscure rock… a tote that’s well known classic rock, etc etc. Not a lot of the 5 C’s (Country, Christian, Classical, Crooners and Champagne Music)

Hope to see you there!”



September 28 & 29, 2019

12PM – 4PM

Four Quarters Brewing
150 Canal Street
Winooski, VT