On Saturday May 10th, we will host our first homebrew rally – the basic premis is that we brew a full four barrel batch of wort and give it away to area homebrewers.  That’s it, end of story… we just would love to promote the hobby that got us started.

The detailed version…
Step 1:  We’ll have an open house brewday on Saturday May 10th, starting at 8AM.  At the end of the brewday, hopefully around 3PM, we will have wort ready and waiting to fill into carboys for area homebrewers to take home and ferment.  You provide your own yeast, do any sort of special treatment to it you like (i.e. dry hop, oak, fruit, spice, funkitify, etc).
Step 2: At the end of the summer, we’ll host a competition of all the beers created from this galactic event… we’ll pick three winners from the lot, who will get to brew their creations on our pilot system.
Step 3: The overall winner will get to brew their batch on our four barrel brewhouse later this fall.

Must be 21
1 fermenter per person, 5 gallon max… and try to pair up or group up since there’s not a lot to go around.
Your fermenter must be sparkling clean and ready for wort.
You provide your own yeast.
First come, first serve.  We’ve decided not to take names, you need to be there the day of the event.

The Batch:
We’ll be brewing a multigrain saison… a style that we love, and leaves a lot of room for fermentation experiments, as well as adding any extra flavors you might like to try out.

Any questions… leave us a comment here!


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